Sunday, August 26

Cupcakes and flowers

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I feel that my roommates made up for my horrible experience and took me clubbing. A scene which I haven't visited and/or experienced in awhile. I felt free happy and of course with a bottle of Grey Goose on the table, who wouldn't be? Girls night out finally happened. It was postponed way too long. We had random guys come up to us but I had the Bouncer personally throw them out. Unfortunately the girls were not too fond of male presence that night cause it was all about me!

Thanks to Jen for wanting to throw me your extraordinary surprise bday party. I too would like to experience that first hand. I am sure it would definitely be out of this world as you are the best party planner there is with a lot of heart and personal touches!

I received flowers for my belated birthday and made cupcakes as a thank you gifts to all my pals. Everyone was estatic when they received it. They are super moist chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. OOh La la... Anyone care for some?

Friday, August 3

Birthday wishes not made, as there were no candles...

I couldn't make it in time to blog this unexpected, unforseen, unhappy experience and date the event on its actual day itself. I have never been so bitter on my birthday till now. Actually I lied, birthday last year sucked and birthday this year sucked. So that makes two birthdays in a row that sucked. Expect more procrastination tomorrow. This is just the beginning.... Too depressed to blog about what I thought was an exciting day but due to ONE individual who changed the concept and enthusiasm of birthdays, hence ruining my very own birthday.

Last year, I sugar coated my entry on xanga. Excluding all depressing details of my birthday. I got a beautiful watch for my birthday with diamonds on it, dinner at an expensive restaurant that was overlooking downtown San Francisco (with mediocre food and horrible service). My significant other made reservations at this restaurant in attempt to celebrate my birthday. I did enjoy the view but the rest was at par. There was no birthday cake nor was there candles for me to make a wish. The night ended fairly early and that was it.

This year, he made reservations at a restaurant that we frequently dine at. He came to pick me up from my house bearing a cake and left it above the shoe rack. He didn't bother to come in or take off his shoes. He was standing at the doorstep, awaiting for me to get ready. Then I saw the cake and was all giggly because he got me a cake. Being as excited as I was, I carefully made space in the fridge to place the cake. Then I realized that it might be an ice-cream cake. So his reply was, "Put it wherever you like to." I repeated the question, "Is this an ice-cream cake?" His answer once again was, "Put it wherenever you like to." Obviously he was not comprehending my question. So I stuck my finger into the cake to find out whether it was going to melt. Indeed NOT ice-cream cake, hence left it in the fridge.

This restaurant that we were dining at, I would call it casual dining as men can get away with jeans, sweatshirt and sandals. Hence, casual dining. Me dressed up all cute hoping for an exciting night to come, OUTCOME:5 stars out of 10. We had dinner as usual like how we would any other night. The S.O did not announce to the waiter potentially it was my birthday. Let me take that back, it wasn't YET. Maybe that was why. I pulled out my camera, hoping to capture this moment of pre-birthday celebration but he insisted that it was embarassing to be taking pictures in a restaurant. So I put the camera away. He paid for dinner and we just went back to my house. Sat around and watched tv. Yes what a birthday celebration.

I was in for a treat when my roommates came home with a cake and the spirit of celebration. They were snapping pictures all over the place. Of course the S.O had to snap pictures because we were in the presence of other people. My roommates were so excited just being there with me and whole heartedly singing the bday song. Since it wasn't my bday yet I had to wait till the following day to open my presents although my S.O was pestering me to open them. As the clock struck midnight and my roommates went home (to her parent's house), my S.O was urging me to open my presents. He passed me one and started to open my other present. I was irritated because I love slowly un-tying the ribbons and reading the card PRIOR to opening the presents and they are MINE not his! I just snatched the present away and he said, "Ok, I am going to leave you alone. I am tired and goodnight!"