Sunday, August 26

Cupcakes and flowers

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I feel that my roommates made up for my horrible experience and took me clubbing. A scene which I haven't visited and/or experienced in awhile. I felt free happy and of course with a bottle of Grey Goose on the table, who wouldn't be? Girls night out finally happened. It was postponed way too long. We had random guys come up to us but I had the Bouncer personally throw them out. Unfortunately the girls were not too fond of male presence that night cause it was all about me!

Thanks to Jen for wanting to throw me your extraordinary surprise bday party. I too would like to experience that first hand. I am sure it would definitely be out of this world as you are the best party planner there is with a lot of heart and personal touches!

I received flowers for my belated birthday and made cupcakes as a thank you gifts to all my pals. Everyone was estatic when they received it. They are super moist chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. OOh La la... Anyone care for some?

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Pink Wild Boar said...

I saw your cupcakes and Woooooo, they're making me hungry now. :@)