Friday, June 29

Trend setting

I just spent the last couple of hours researching on the new iPhone. The word has been out for the past couple of months now and anticipation has been building up. What's Apple got us hooked onto now? First I went out to purchase an iBook and I realized that two years have passed. Now they've replaced my AMD processor with the Blue Man group (Intel). Fine, so time for an upgrade. Before I grab my check book to purchase the new iPhone, I realize that tomorrow's lines at the .mac store is going to be absurd. I have decided to protest again this madness and just wait till the craze is over. Indeed it is a cool phone but AT&T is not able to support it. Trust me, downloads are still going to be slow. I have a Palm Treo 650 and I think it's great, even when I am underground in the subway. But connection tends to drop off now and then.

I forsee tomorrow, the lines out the AT&T stores are going to be horrendous and because AT&T is right across the street from my office, I MIGHT consider getting one. It's $499, the same price as my good old beat up Treo (installed with a iPhone lookalike software) and will my company support the e-mail and other crap? (maybe not) Wish me luck while I get caught up with the craze and hopefully I won't get elbow-ed by some maniac who probably wants the iPhone more desperately than me. So I should start lining up on the street CLOSE to the door at 5pm as the iPhone sale begins at 6pm!

Last night there were a couple of crazy kids who posted ads to stand in line (for a fee, of course) and there are some guys on the sidewalk with signs on their t-shirts (will wait for iPhone, ask me how much). I can't wait to see this chaos happen as I sit in my Herman Miller's. Who knows I might be one of them.

Food for thought: Steve Jobs is giving away iPhones to all employees at Apple who's been there at least a year. Oh great!

Note: I was led to believe I was the first few people who got my hands on the Wii. :)

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